Will ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles be able to travel the impacted roads and get around traffic during construction?

Yes. Plans have been made to facilitate emergency vehicles during construction.

Who is paying for the police details associated with this roadwork?

The cost of all police details are covered by Wynn. No public funds or tax dollars are being used for this project.

Will residents and commuters have a way to keep informed about road closings and potential commuter slowdowns?

Yes. Wynn will provide timely information via roadway LED signs, social media, broadcast news traffic updates and other outreach. To sign-up for email traffic alerts on the Mystic Mile, click here.

Will the work being done in Sullivan Square be the final solution that residents have talked about for years?

The City of Boston is developing a long-term solution for Sullivan Square. Wynn has committed $25 million to support its completion. Shorter term, Wynn is spending $11 million to accommodate the vehicle trips generated by the Encore Boston Harbor resort. The work will be completed prior to the 2019 opening of Encore Boston Harbor and is expected to improve current conditions at several intersections.

Does Wynn support the surface or underpass long-term solution for Sullivan Square?

The City of Boston is responsible for selecting the final long-term design for Sullivan Square. Many of our shorter-term improvements are designed to fit into whatever final design is ultimately chosen.

Will the work be spaced apart to help traffic?

As much work as possible will occur during non-rush hours to minimize traffic impact. Commuters and residents will be told in advance of road closures and areas of congestion.

Is the road work just for the Encore Boston Harbor resort?

The permitting process for Encore Boston Harbor required that Encore’s transportation plan must accommodate all previously permitted developments in the area—including those currently under construction and planned through 2023.

How do we know that the transportation work that Wynn is paying for will be effective in managing traffic?

As a condition of its gaming license, Encore Boston Harbor had to complete one of the most detailed and extensive public environmental impact reviews in the history of Massachusetts. The scope of work on area roads was the result of more than 20 detailed plans totaling more than 10,000 pages of studies that were thoroughly scrutinized by 3 federal agencies, 12 state agencies, 14 municipalities and 20 local organizations over a period of more than three years. Encore responded to more than 1,500 comments in the process, hosted numerous public meetings and received 275 letters from agencies, elected officials, municipalities, organizations and individuals. 

How much will the roadway work cost?

Total road improvements related to the opening of the Encore Boston Harbor resort will cost $58 million while another $206 million will be spent on traffic demand management. All of these costs are being paid privately by Wynn, with no public funds or tax revenue being used.

When will work start and end?

Work on The Mystic Mile will begin in late 2017 and continue until early 2019.